Let us build together

There comes a time when we question the richness in our surrounding environment. Let it be friends, family, food, furniture or clothing, we want things true to their source and that can add value to our lives.

Our line of wood-based furniture is sustainably sourced from the depths of Lake Bayano. We work with the indigenous community diving out logs from the 354km2 of flooded rainforest which would go to waste if not rediscovered.  A new life is given to these trees as they are dived and cut down under water. The emerging log is then dimensioned accordingly and kelm dried resulting in a unique and sustainable building material to craft the enduring furniture that brings life into our households today. 

By recovering trees that would otherwise be lost, we diminish the need to exploit other precious resources on land, it provides a safer navigation route for the local indigenous population and it provides a unique and sustainably-certified building material.  

Our line of furniture focuses on Live Edge tables, desks, chopping boards, wooden tiles for flooring and Melbourne styled Wood Walls.  We collaborate with architects, interior designers and other artists as well. 

Our work is designed and handcrafted in the heart of the Americas in Panama City, Panama.


 Alejandro Pinto @ Alma Workshop in Casco Viejo